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Mar 06 2012

Green Girls Grow: Energy Education Event for Girl Scouts Across Southeast

The Girl Scouts in Ketchikan had the opportunity to learn about energy efficiency first-hand with the help of an engineer from Ketchikan Public Utility (KPU).

Green Girls Grow is an event that toured three communities in Southeast Alaska to bring Girl Scouts a new way to look at renewable energy and conservation. Bitty Balducci, SCS AmeriCorps member, and Melissa Edwards, Girl Scout Southern Tongass Membership and Program Specialist, developed the energy-themed curriculum and made plans to tour Ketchikan, Petersburg, and Sitka in early March. The event reached over 75 girls in the three communities and gave them a look at renewable energy in Southeast as well as fundamental concepts of conservation.

The event ran two days in each community: the first for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts, the second for Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts. The activities on each day reflected the different badges and awards offered through the Forever Green campaign promoted by Girl Scouts as a long-term effort to increase energy efficiency awareness and encourage conservation in the community. The girls learned about the effects of fossil fuels on the environment, wind energy, hydroelectricity, solar power energy, and more through hands-on activities that modeled each type of renewable energy!

Petersburg Girl Scouts demonstrate the efficiency of the wind energy with their very own rocket pinwheel.

Ketchikan and Sitka had the privilege of hosting experts in energy efficiency for the event in their communities Gregory Fast, an engineer from Ketchikan Public Utility, showed the girls how much energy a household could save by switching to energy efficient lighting. An incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulb were connected to a meter reader and the girls observed as the dials spun much more rapidly with the incandescent, thus, using a significant amount more energy to power. University of Alaska Southeast Assistant Professor of Construction, Greg Reynolds, made a model specifically for this event to demonstrate conduction and convection in the home.He showed the girls how inadequate insulation can cause mildew, and eventually molding in walls of homes and the weatherization updates necessary to stop the cycle.

Greg Reynolds shows Sitka Girl Scouts the condensation that built up in wall insulation.

Green Girls Grow received praise from each of the hosted communities from parents, troop leaders, scouts, and professionals in the community. In fact, the event was so successful that future plans to integrate energy education into Girl Scout events across Southeast are underway.  Melissa Edwards views the event as a “huge achievement towards the mission of Forever Green” and “hopes to continue the partnership between the Sitka Conservation Society and Girl Scouts of Southeast.”


About Bitty

Bitty Balducci, Energy Education and Public Outreach AmeriCorps member, came to Sitka after finishing her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing at the University of Missouri. Her previous work includes researching lifestyle trends for health campaigns with the Columbia Health Department, brand management with a new and growing product, as well as working in communications in both the United States as well as in Accra, Ghana. Her mission is to use her skills in communications and marketing to initiate community-wide energy efficiency goals.

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